What Happened to the Twinkle

I find myself pretty tired this morning. My husband and I spent the last 2 nights stargazing as we watched for the “Perseid Meteor Shower.” Prime time to see the Perseid Meteor Shower would be between 1:00am and 5:00am in the morning. For 2 nights, aka mornings, my hubby and I went out and stood in our courtyard watching for falling stars. We saw a few, but nothing quite like what we were expecting. The 2nd night at 3:00am we drove to a darker spot where the stars would be more visible. Again, not much activity was seen.  I tilted the seat back and gazed through the moon roof out into the expanse of the skies; even without a meteor shower I was enjoying the view. Staring at sputnkthose stars I was transported back in time.  For a brief moment I became a child once again lying on the grass with my father, my mother and my sister watching Sputnik as it traveled across space.  Sputnik looked very much like a star and we would lay there, sometimes for hours, searching. All of a sudden, one of us would notice a star inching its way across the night sky; Sputnik had been found! The thrill was in discovering Sputnik first. Little did I realize we had become a part of history; space exploration which would go far beyond what I  could have imagined.

As I thought about Sputnik and my childhood, it seemed the stars did not twinkle like I remembered. Approximately 50 years has passed since I laid on the grass, under the night sky, watching for Sputnik. Much has happened in my lifetime – including population growth. Population growth means more cities, more people, more lights and more things to drown out the stars in the heavens. God whispered to me in the stillness of the night, “What have you allowed in your life, Sandra, to drown me out? What things have you allowed to shine which dim my light in you? What is overpowering your spark; your twinkle? Those were some tough questions and called for reflection.

Geminid2010Fireball_abolfathI did not see the glorious wonder of falling stars I was hoping for last night. I did get something of much more value, however. I got to spend time with God. We spent time talking and sharing; God on his side of the universe, me on mine – connected through the night sky.

What about you?  “How strong is your twinkle?” “Have you, like me, allowed some earthly things to shine and drown out your heavenly light?” What can be done to bring back the twinkle; the brightness? How can we let our “Heavenly light” shine before mankind?
More to come,

“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3