War in Prayer

War in Prayer!… A Monday Morning Study in The Word

Tensions are rising, it appears, between the United States and North Korea. Threats of war against Guam fill the news. My mind wonders, “Is their threat against Guam just a ploy to sidetrack us when we are their real target?” “Surely our leaders have considered such.” My mind is filled with fears and questions. I wonder how I should pray.  For whom do I pray?  For what should I pray? I deeply desire my prayers to make a difference beyond the borders of my home. What better place to go for answers then the Bible?

Daniel was a man who prayed for his country under terrifying circumstances.   He was captured (a prisoner of war) as a young teen and lived out the rest of his life in captivity. He died somewhere around the age of 90. A long time to live as a captive.   As I studied Daniel I discovered:

  1. Daniel prayed to the creator of the universe and all mankind, the one known as I AM, or Yahweh.
  2. Daniel had a routine for prayer which he did not waver from. He prayed at specific times, in a specific place, every day.
  3. Daniel stood firm in his faith, always obedient to the Word of God, praying with confidence and courage. If his captors wanted him to do something which would dishonor God, without hesitation, he would graciously refuse.
  4. Daniel prayed earnestly, with an attitude of thanksgiving. He worshiped God in praise, he honored God as he knelt in prayer in complete humility.
  5. Daniel fasted for his country and mourned over the sins of the nation.
  6. Daniel knew the Scriptures. He knew the promises of God and he knew the expectations God had for his people.
  7. Daniel recognized the sins of the nation (where they had gone against God). In true confession he admitted those sins before God; including himself in those sins.

In the face of long-lasting adversity Daniel never lost his faith, his confidence, his commitment or love for God and his people. God rewarded and blessed Daniel in spite of his circumstances. God protected Daniel in ways that defy logic (gotta read the story).

Thomas Jefferson quote prayerIn our pledge of allegiance are the words, “one nation under God“. The words “In God we Trust” is printed on our currency.  Many of our nation’s laws and moral code of ethics come straight out of the Bible. We are a nation which has operated as a Godly nation for centuries. Like the nation in Daniel’s time we have fallen short and turned our hearts toward other gods. We are losing sight of what is right and wrong. We hate others because of the differences in skin color. Life no longer has value, and our moral compass is askew.

We tend to talk in terms of our nation should, our leaders need to, our country ought to. As I studied Daniel today, I saw I need too; we as individuals need too. I believe world nations including our own will change as we individually seek God and his ways.  After all a nation is not a thing! A nation is people. If we would humble ourselves before the Creator of the universe and say, “Boy have I, (we) blown it, forgive me (us)” change could happen. Peace happens when hearts and actions are bent towards the things of God and not-self.

Daniel inspires me. He’s a great prayer warrior model for times such as these. I can’t do anything nationally or globally about terrorism, war, or any other conflict.  It’s not within my power.  I can however, in the hopes of bringing about better tomorrows, seek God through his Word with a humble heart. I can pray in confidence, honoring him as I stand firm in my faith. I can truthfully grieve over how wicked and far from God our country has become. I can confess my own part in this mess, praying earnestly with a spirit of thanksgiving. With God’s help I can pray unselfishly, without bias, for the leaders of my country and those of others.  I can pray asking God to give me his heart towards my enemies. I can pray asking that he would grant me sight to see the world through his eyes.

“If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

What do you think? Is it time we begin to humble ourselves, seek, pray and turn our hearts toward God? Will you join me in praying for the nations?

Until next time

You will find Daniel’s complete prayer in Chapter 9, it’s a great model.

If you would like a copy of the verses used to define Daniel’s prayer process, you may contact me by clicking on  the link under pages (right hand side of the blog post).  I will be happy to send you a copy.  

If you haven’t read the Book of Daniel, let me encourage you to do so, in an easy to read format (for instance the “Message” translation or the “Good News Bible”, translation).  I think you would enjoy his life’s story.  Not to mention there’s some juicy incidences which will keep you on the edge of your seat.