Prayer Challenged

Prayer, interesting subject and one of the most misunderstood ones.  Yet, it is the most powerful tool in a Christians “tool box”.  My heart knows that if I could truly grasp its strength, and use it as the Lord intended, my prayers could make a difference in the world.  Not that I have any power but prayers said by us fellow humans help to activate God’s power. 

Prayer is easy! Really. No special tools or training required. Praying is simply chatting with the Lord. Praying here and there is good, but to really grasp the concept, to really grab hold of everything that God has for us we need to spend quality time in conversation.

Prayer has enriched my life beyond measure. Yet, I still struggle with the day-to-day discipline of praying.  I love to read on the subject.  I love to explore new ways of praying.  I love to journal my prayers to God.  Some of my prayers are my love letters to Him and some are my letters home asking for help. I love to teach others how to develop a strong prayer life. I love to chat about prayer and what God is doing in people’s lives. Guess you might say I have a passion for prayer.  With all that said I still feel very inadequate when it comes to praying.

I’ve tried many tools to improve my prayer life and make it supposedly easier to accomplish. I’ve tried electronic apps which promise to remind you.  I’ve tried a small notebook, filled with lined paper to simply write each request down. I’ve tried an organized tabbed binder. Very fancy yet not realistic. It made praying work.  I’ve tried the picture prayer wheel, the 24/7 hour of prayer method.  You name it and I’ve probably tired it.

No system, no matter how great will be useless if one is not disciplined, committed or devoted enough to use it.  Desire without action is like trying to walk in quicksand; eventually you sink and are no more. In my work life I’m disciplined.  I’m known as one who follows through, is dependable and will get the task done. How can I be committed and disciplined in a huge part of my life and not in another? What happens to my character when it comes to prayer? I surely don’t know and therein lays my confusion.

I’m tired of being less than when it comes to praying for my family, friends and the world at large.  I’m tired of being less than when it comes to spending time at the feet of Jesus in prayer. When I spend time with Jesus, I love it. My time with him nourishes my soul, gives me great joy and a level of peace I cannot find any other way. Why then, oh why is prayer such a challenge.

Until next time,