Tell the Rock….

imageWhat better way to share my friends poetry than on Good Friday. Enjoy!

Tell the Rock I Am Alive
An original poem by Caroline Zerber

With drops of blood and nail scarred hands
He went to the cross to fulfill God’s sovereign plan
He bled and died on Calvary’s tree
To save a wretched sinner like you and me

The pain and the sorrow He chose to bear
His father looked upon him in total despair
He paid the price – dearly it cost
But He offered the free gift of salvation to all those who are lost

As He hung on that tree that grueling day
He knew the price He had to pay
Battered and broken, betrayed by his friends
Even spat upon and marked by soldiers and unruly men

A crown of thorns was laid upon his Head
He suffered horrific pain and dread
Crucify – crucify him with a thunderous roar
He took upon himself our sins He bore

He prayed to his father in anguish and fear
Even this cup was too hard to bear
But He was obedient to death on the cross
That you and I must not suffer eternal loss

Darkness prevailed over Golgotha that day
As He wept over Jerusalem and prayed,
“Father, forgive them – they know not what they do”
Enlighten their darkness that they may glorify you

The hour had come for Jesus to depart
He was wounded in spirit and grieved in his Heart
He committed his spirit to his father above –
“It is finished,” He said in his dying love

The veil of the temple was torn that ominous day
As He was laid to rest in a borrowed grave
The grave could not contain him, the victory was one
Death was swallowed up and a new life begun

He is risen, He’s risen, He’s risen indeed
He came in the likeness of man to set us free
He rose from the grave with power and might
And revealed to us his truth and his light

May the reflection of the Savior be burnt in your heart
As his amazing grace he does impart

Happy Easter, everyone
Until next time,