Spectacles with the Film of the Past

Hi my friends,

I took this assessment test the other day. This preliminary assessment gives you little bits and pieces about your personality. It tells you your learning style, the type of path you use to communicate with God and it also gives you a biblical personality that you would most resemble. It revealed I am a verbal style learner; meaning I learn through the written and spoken word. Yep, agreed. It revealed I connect and communicate with God best as I experience the world around me – in other words being outdoors in a nature; I see God in the spectacular as well as in the everyday outside world. Yep, I agree with that one – my favorite spot to sit and chat with God is out on my patio with our waterfall rhythmically splashing along the rocks.The biblical character/personality I most represent was Jonathan. At first glance, not so sure I agreed. The more I read those things which define the character of Jonathan, the positives and the negatives, I begin to see more and more of Jonathan in me. I prefer Jonathanette, if you please 🙂

God began to show me my vision was clouded. Instead of looking through clear spectacles mine were clouded with a film – the film of my past. God began to show me- – – “me” through His eyes. God has been healing the wounds of my past, yet I continue to put on the spectacles of old. I continue to see myself through my past. For instance the very first thing this little test states is I am sociable, talkative, and energetic. Sociable – inclined by nature to companionship with others of the same species. As a child I was made to be afraid of people and told repeatedly people would only hurt me; they didn’t really want to be my friends; they didn’t really like me – they were just using me. As a result, I never learned to develop relationships. There are times, even today, when the voices of my past overrule what my heart knows to be true; I am a social person who deeply desires companionship and who has much to offer others. Others do enjoy my company and desire to have a relationship with me; just because of who I am, not for anything else 🙂

The second thing it states is I am talkative, well yes, this is true. But, it hasn’t always been the case. When you are afraid of others and you don’t trust anyone has your best interests at heart, you tend to not talk. It still takes me awhile to get to know and trust you, but once I do, watch out.

The third thing – I am energetic. Again, I tend to look at myself with a film on my spectacles. I have physical limitations and the voices in my head say, “I can’t”. Yes, I get tired, perhaps more easily than others, but, if I look at all I accomplish, I have some energy. I have an energetic personality which has nothing to do with “doing energy”. The opposite of energetic is dull, lethargic, listless and sluggish. That is not me. I rarely am depressed or somber, I rarely am snarly, although like everyone I have my moments – but they are short lived.

The assessment states I value harmony and pleasant relationships. You can guess where this might leave me on the conflict scale; 10 being I will deal with conflict right away and 1 being I will avoid it at all costs… I would be a -5. I absolutely hate conflict of any kind! I wonder if this is how I developed a choleric personality; if I am in charge I can set everything up so conflict never arises. To coin a phrase from Doctor Phil “How is that working for you?” – answer- – – NOT!!!

I don’t know all the things which will come to light as a result of this assessment. I suspect another piece of the puzzle can now be put into place.

Here’s to looking at the world with “God Perspective” Spectacles.
Until next time –