The Reason for the Season

Reflections of a Purple Princess

December has arrived! Every year I try to focus my heart towards the reason for the Christmas Season; Jesus Christ. Honestly, all too often the busyness of this time gets in the way of my accomplishing my heart’s desire. “The Reason for the Season” isn’t about Santa Claus, family, the children, or the buying and giving of gifts. Believe it or not, it’s not about giving to others less fortunate, either.  The “Reason for the Season”, the reason we have Christmas, is Jesus Christ.

Who is this Jesus? Why have we celebrated his birth some 2000 years and more? The Bible says that Jesus is the son of God. Down through the ages many have doubted this truth. Some believe the Bible is pure myth; nothing more than a good story written by men; a hoax perpetuated long ago. Therefore, Jesus was nothing more than a good man…

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