purple-butterfly-on-finger3 different blog websites no more! I’m making changes in 2017 (actually a smidgen earlier).  After lots of contemplation I’ve made the decision to incorporate my 3 websites into one.  You will now find “Knocking at Heaven’s Door” and “Through the Bible Together” as a part of “Purple Princess Reflections”.  Why?  A lot of energy is spent keeping up 3 websites; energy I no longer possess.  Also, I’ve been asked several times by readers, “Why 3 sites… couldn’t you just have them all in one?”  My first thought, the diversity of the subjects discussed required 3 different websites. Now I’m thinking, perhaps not. One website with 3 different focuses, a.k.a. categories just might do the trick. I’ve decided to give it a try; couldn’t hurt, right? If it doesn’t function as I hope… no tears. I can always uncombine and return to 3 websites.

3 Categories defined:

Category oneThe Purple Side of Life: Its primary focus is the tagline on my website; A Simple Woman’s Journey with God at the Helm.  In other words, it’s about my life as a Christian, a daughter of the King, living life. It’s me sharing my journey (warts and all) with others; anticipating they will find encouragement and hope for their life as I share mine.

Category twoKnocking at Heaven’s Door:  Here I explore life-after-death, researching eternal possibilities, destinations, rulers and outcomes. Being a Christian this category will have a Christian focus, yet, I plan to explore other possibilities in light of God’s Word.

Category threeThrough the Bible Together: An interactive place for sharing insights gleaned through time spent reading and studying the Word of God.

I welcome all comments, if you believe as I do, or not. I think open dialog is a good thing.

Knocking at Heaven’s Door and Through the Bible Together blog posts will be found under the tab to the right labeled, Biblical Reflections.

Changes AheadThe website design is changing a wee bit too, with the goal to make perusing the site easier.  Looking for a specific topic, use the search box on the right.  Want to subscribe and receive my musing in your email, insert you email in the sign me up box and never miss a post.  Desire to comment – click on the comments link at the top left of the website page, or scroll to the bottom of the current post and insert your comment in the comment box.

My sincere hope is by making these few changes everyone will benefit.  If you subscribe to all 3 of my sites this will be a snap.  If you subscribe to two or only one just hit the delete button when you receive a post topic you’re not interested in.  For example you currently subscribe only to the site, Through the Bible Together and have no interest in the Purple Side of Life.  When a post from the Purple Side of Life appears… hit delete and the post will quickly disappear from your in box. Quicker than you can say, “Golly Gee Whiz Moses” it will be gone.

I’m looking forward to a new and refreshed 2017 in the blog writing world.  I hope you are too!

Joyfully yours,