Battle after Battle

Life has challenged me to the core of my beliefs lately.  Whenever I get to writing on the topic of Heaven and Hell, I’ve noticed a trend. Something of major proportion derails my forward motion. Some would say, “That’s how it goes sometimes”, or “the gods are surely not smiling upon you today”. Others would say, “Girlfriend, you’re under Spiritual attack”. 

I know life happens. And every time something doesn’t go right it doesn’t mean the devil’s at work.  On the flip-side, I’m not a firm believer in coincidence either; especially when the pattern is consistent.  Satan may win a few battles but I must remember he doesn’t win the war; I’ve read the end of the book 🙂

Due to my hubby’s recent back injury I’ve had to put dealing with CVID on hold. Yes, I know I can’t really put my disease on hold.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one could?  Today I devil cartoonrescheduled all my missed appointments and hopefully I’m back on track. If I’m learning one thing this year, it’s that I’ve no control over anything!!!  I’ve got to trust that God does.

As I said, ”I don’t believe in coincidences”. Since the pattern of trouble seems to arise every time I approach writing on a topic sensitive to Satan, I believe Spiritual Warfare is a foot. Therefore, I must ask the question, “How does one do Spiritual combat”?  I’ve contemplated this question before. Now it’s time to get serious and discover the answer. One thing I know, you can’t fight spiritual battles with earthly weapons; doesn’t work, nada, nope, no way. I know because that’s what I’ve been doing.  The Bible says my fight is not a flesh and blood fight.  My struggle, my battle is against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil (a.k.a. Satan and his minions) in the heavenly realms.  In other words, they don’t exist on an earthly plain but in a spiritual one. This passage clearly names my enemies.

Ephesians 6:11 tells us to “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”  Satan is a good strategist and I suspect he doesn’t leave much to chance.  If I want to be strong in the Lord and be able to withstand his fiery darts I too need to be a good strategist. I need to be ever watchful and intentional.  Notice I’m not saying I need to be fearful.  He wants me to fear but the Lord desires I stand firm and strong, knowing He is with me all the way.  The book of Ephesians outlines a few weapons I should add to my arsenal. Weapons such as, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit (the word of God). And I should pray in the Spirit, on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.  I’ve read this passage 50 times or more in my life time.  But, I never put action or depth to its meaning.  What would the application of using this arsenal look like in practical everyday life? You can bet I’m going to do research and a ton of digging on this topic.

When one mentions spiritual warfare many picture movies such as The Exorcist, The Omen, End of Days and others.  The problem with these movies is their sensationalism. The Devil prowls around like a lion, quiet, in the shadows where you would never suspect his presence. By the time he pounces it is often too late; you’re already in his grip.


Don't mess with meI’ll leave you with this thought, “Anytime the  Devil is taking notice, of ‘little ol you or little ol me’, than we must be doing something which has him a wee bit nervous”.  Why else would he be so preoccupied with derailing one’s endeavors?

Joyfully yours,