The Gift of You

CVID has afforded me the opportunity to look at life through a different lens. For instance relationships in light of technology; especially Social Media.  There are many positives to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other communication mediums.  There’s also a flip side.

emojisMany times on people’s feeds I see someone post an emotion, such as feeling lonely today, or  I’m feeling happy, sad or one of 20 or more generic choices.  I see many who hit the like button on posts; I sometimes wonder if they ever really read the post or link or just hit like as they fly by to the next feed. It’s too easy to simply post a meme, post a political or controversial remark without a second thought.  Our newly elected President tweets what he’s feeling in the moment as if he was talking with a friend.  The relationship is perceived. If it weren’t for Social Media we would have no dialog at all.  Often I see someone share they’re feeling ill or their child is struggling in school; or they lost their job or some other event has taken place.  Friends and family respond with a sorry, or praying for you, and  comments to encourage. Before you get the wrong idea, I encourage people to pray and to post they’re doing such.  Prayer is a powerful weapon. But, what if we took our Social Media interactions a step further?  What if we actually had a dialog over what we just read?  What if we chose to make the effort to set aside a few minutes to call?

It’s always been known the human body needs oxygen, water, food, shelter and sleep to survive. Scientists are discovering the human body needs one more item; it needs human contact; something God understood ions ago.  In the Garden of Eden Adam had all things necessary for sustaining life; including animals of all kinds; some for food and some for comfort.  In spite of all these good things God observed it wasn’t enough. It was not good for man to be alone. He understood mans need for interaction with another human being.  Therefore Eve was created.

Notice God didn’t create another Adam.  Another Adam couldn’t create other little Adams or Eves.  No, God created a woman so that mankind’s deep need for companionship would be fulfilled and lots of little humans would be birthed. This would allow humankind to never be without human interaction again.  Relationship is in our DNA folks.

I’m not opposing Social Media.  Like many of you, I’ve connected with past school friends and other friendships which disconnected over time. Social Media’s great for checking in, saying hi and touching base.  It’s great for sharing pics of family and friends; especially when they live states or countries away.  It’s a wonderful media for letting others know of a need; to ask for prayers. It’s one way to share important news in one’s community and around the world. Many friends say if it weren’t for Facebook they would never know what is happening with their children and grandchildren. One can meet other people from around the world, thanks to Social Media.

Technology’s advancement in this area is wonderful but we must not lose sight of the flip side. With each technological advance in communications human interaction is getting lost.  Email in many businesses is the preferred way to relay information.  No more stopping by another’s cubicle or office to do business and while there genuinely ask how a person is doing.  The invention of cell phones gave us the ability to call and chat anytime almost anywhere, yet, we prefer to text. Social media provides us the ability to share whatever’s on our mind without ever speaking a verbal word. It also allows us to be a voyeur in the lives of others with nary a comment. It gives us a false sense of relationship or at the very least many relationships without roots.

GiftofFriendshipI asked my friends via Facebook why they thought texting and Social Media are the chosen avenue for communication. “Why don’t we pick up the phone and call?” I received a variety of answers.  Many of the answers were rooted in “self”.  “I’m tired after a long day at work; I’m on the phone all day at work; I don’t have the energy; texting is easier it doesn’t take as much time.  I can text what I need to say and be done.”  We live in a busy fast paced society.  Phone calls take time. I get that. Shouldn’t life be about others, at least sometimes? Babies will fail to thrive for the lack of touch and human interaction.  Expectant mothers and fathers talk to their baby inside the womb.  Why?  The human voice is powerful in communicating love and comfort. Many older folks, especially those who live alone, go days or more without ever hearing a human voice. It shouldn’t be; it shouldn’t be. It takes so little to give the gift of friendship and love through the spoken word.

Today is Valentine’s Day.  How about surprising someone with the gift of you, through a phone call? It will be a blessing for you and the recipient of that I’m fairly certain.

There’s more to come….

Until then I leave you with this thought, “Who would you have regrets over not calling or keeping in touch with should they die tomorrow?”  They’re still living. It’s not too late.  How about calling them today.



Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

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    1. Thank you Kathie. You are very good about picking up the phone and calling. I’m blessed to call you friend. IN this case I’m glad you took time to comment…. Warms the cockles of my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.


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