Our Marvelous Immune System

I’ve always said, “If I ever needed to take pills every day to save my life I would probably die”.  I’m not now, nor have I ever been, good at taking meds long-term.  The same could be said for healthy eating.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve said, “I need to eat healthier”.  I start out strong and before long… well you know.  I’ve been reading and researching a lot on CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease) and the immune system.  WOW!!!  immune system 3 editedThe human body’s incredible in its perfection.  There’s no way we morphed or big-banged into existence. Absolutely not!  There’s got to be a divine, supernatural creator of great engineering intelligence behind such a complex, unique system of perfection. We were created perfectly, yet, life happens and the body breaks down. I say life happens, but there are many factors, and most if not all are mankind activated.

I’m changing to healthier eating. It’s not going to be easy. I’ve failed so many times before, it’s embarrassing.  My not so quiet, taunting inner voice asks, “What will make this time different”?   Hmm, good question. I’m not sure I have the answer.  Other than my continuing in this journey called life may very well depend on my changing eating patterns and making life changes.  Part of my challenge is discerning what’s best for my body and my situation. There are no easy answers. If experts can’t agree on what’s best, how am I to know? What’s a gal to do? I guess I’ll start by implementing changes the experts do agree are beneficial. 🙂

The first expert on my list – the giver of all life, God! My eating and lifestyle plan will be rooted in prayer as I seek the Holy Spirits council. I will be intentional in what I eat and in the life style changes I make. I will ask for wisdom regarding my choices and pray for strength to say no to bad choices.

Initial plan:

  • Preparation: Load the pantry and fridge with only right choices; plan menus in advance.
  • Compass: A lot of trial and error ahead. A food diary will be instrumental in sorting out the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Movement: Exercise is a key factor in a well-functioning immune system. Who knew 🙂 I’m aging, physically challenged, and …. I’ll be searching for ways to move effectively and safely.
  • Immunity booksResearch:  I now have a stack of books on the immune system and healthy eating amid my other research materials. Keeping abreast of the best strategies and latest wisdom is of utmost importance in living with CVID.
  • Support: I will enlist the help of a friend or two to specifically encourage me to success; any volunteers?

I and many friends are praying for divine healing.  What a great gift should the Lord choose to take away my disease.  Since  the experts in the field of immunology say, Infusion Drug Therapy is the only answer to offset the effects of the disease; that healthier eating won’t make one bit of difference, some would ask, “Why bother to make lifestyle changes.  It’s too late; you’re closing the barn door after the horse is out. It is what it is… right?” Yes and no. I’m here in this time at this moment and juncture of life for a purpose.  If I’ve 24 hours or 24 years yet to reside on planet earth, then I want them to be the best possible. I will do my part and leave the results up to God.

Marla Runyon the first blind Olympic athlete and International Paralympic champion when asked how she reached her Olympic goals replied, “I started in 1988 and in 2000 I made it to the Olympics.  That’s 12 years.  For every bit of success there were 3 setbacks. But if I give up now, I’ll never know and I’ll regret not trying. I’m going to dedicate everything to this goal; if I make it awesome, if not, I would have no regret looking back”.

Author Jean-Dominique Bauby had a massive heart attack resulting in a coma. 20 days later he awoke discovering he had a rare neurological disorder, ‘Locked-in Syndrome’. His mental state perfectly normal and stable but his body paralyzed from head to toe; only his left eyelid moved.  Despite his condition, he wrote the Diving Bell and the Butterfly by blinking when the correct letter was reached as a person slowly recited the alphabet over and over.  As a writer I can’t even imagine attempting such a feat.

Terry Fox had a leg amputated above the knee due to cancer. On April 12, 1980 with an artificial leg, Terry began his run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Terry ran 143 days and covered over 3,339 miles before illness forced him to stop.  Cancer had invaded his lungs. The Terry Fox Run, held every year, is one of the biggest fundraising events in the world. Terry died in June of 1981, leaving behind a rich legacy.

Joni Eareckson Tada, as a young gal, broke her neck in a diving accident resulting in her becoming Joni Eareckson Tadaa quadriplegic.  Joni is the founder and CEO of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, an international advocacy for people with disabilities. Joni has written over 50 books. She is well known for her artistry as painter. She paints by holding the brush between her teeth. She’s quite good!!!! The organization has collected wheelchairs, too numerous to count and refurbished them for donation around the world. Joni’s received numerous awards and was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Heaven will be full of countless lives who’ve been touched by this marvelous woman of faith.

I may not have the courage of Marla Runyon, the determination of Jean Dauby, the strength of  Terry Fox, or the global compassion and giftedness of Joni Eareckson, but with the Lord’s help I will be the best me possible.

Until next time,

“As a person with any challenge, you make your strengths more visible.  If you want to be known for who you are as a person, then your responsibility is to make your qualities more visible.” Marla Runyon

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ



Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

11 thoughts on “Our Marvelous Immune System”

  1. It DOES make a difference on what you eat! Back in 1986 I ended up in the hospital with extreme pain. The doctors could not find anything wrong with me. Our Primary thought I would need surgery, but I didn’t! The doctors prescribed pain meds. The pain continued in spite of the meds. A friend gave me a copy of a paperback by a husband/wife team called Fit For Life. I read it front to back (included recipes) and followed what they suggested eating and ten days later the pain was completely gone!! As long as I followed this way of eating, I did great. Later, I was introduced to the Hallelujah Diet based on Genesis 1:29. I made more adjustments in what I eat or don’t eat, and I’m doing even better. The Lord uses people/books in unexpected ways, doesn’t He? I’m blessed! By the way, when my husband started eating more the way I do, and after a little time passed, his doctor ran some tests and discovered he no longer has diabetes!!!! The doctor was dumbfounded!!! Zane shared what he did and the doctor said, “I’m going to make you my poster boy!!!!” Love it!!! We are both doing very well and we are now in our 70’s. I KNOW God wants you well. We need to trust in the finished work on the cross for His provision for not only salvation but healing and deliverance. I stand on that!! He is not finished with any of us on this earth!!! YOU are a blessing and He is not finished with you yet on this earth!!!!
    Love and blessings, Sandra. You are special!!! Thank you for being YOU!!! Carol


    1. Carol you encourage this girls heart. Thanks for the recommendations as well. I remember the book, Fit for Life from way back. I will be doing a good deal of reading on diets. 2 others which have been recommended are, The Makers Diet and the Whole30. I really haven’t changed anything to drastically yet. Drinking more water and cutting way back on foods with sugars. It’s a start and all food experts agree on these two. Will keep you posted. Thanks for taking time to share. It really motivates me to keep on keeping on when people take time to comment. You’re a blessing.



  2. Sandra, I know what you mean about trying to live healthier so many times it’s embarrassing. I also have immune systems issues, and know how vital it is to stop eating the things that aren’t doing my body any good. I did 17 days of the Whole30 diet a few months ago, and was shocked to find that I truly felt different. My joints stopped aching, I had more energy, just like they promise. But it was hard. And I expected to lose weight with it, and wasn’t losing, so just up and quit one hard day. I do think I’ll try again some day though, because that plan has been healing for so many people. Anyway, just popping in to say hello, and may God bless you in your efforts…may you be given strength and joy each day. xoxo


  3. Bless you, Sandra. I know how hard it is to “eat healthier”. I keep trying, but apparently not very hard. Will be praying for your success and looking forward to following your progress.

    Hang in there.

    Nancy G.

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Praying for success and a healthier you. Keep me posted as I have good intentions but little motivation. I be praying for you, I hope it rubs off on me.


  5. Your current struggles sure jump-started your writing again! Yea! I finally read them all and they made me wish we had more time together. Hopefully today went well for both of you with your medical visits. This last blog was good for me. Your examples of overcomers sure were encouraging and challenging. You are too. Makes me want to commit to healthier eating again also. Thanks for the push.

    I’m off to Iowa tomorrow for a week. Will check in with you later. You are a blessing! Linda




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