Aging Gray’cefully

About 4 years ago I began a blog titled, Aging Gray-cefully. The intention was to write about the challenges of aging and my desire to age with grace.  I had no desire to become a “cranky old woman” whose dialog consisted of health related items only, and, with whom no one wanted to share life. I wanted to embrace this season of life, not bury my head in the sand like an ostrich.  More importantly, I desired to bring God glory in thought, word and deed.  I’m now 4 years further down the road and not so sure I’m aging with much grace.

Our life has seasons and seasons within seasons (to read the original article written 4 years ago on this topic click the link below). After retiring from my ministry job I felt lost and without purpose. But eventually, I found a “nitch” which brought much satisfaction and held an eternal purpose. Due to my illness it appears, however, this nitch will no longer be a possibility. The foundation of my life, once again, is unsteady and it’s hard to find my footing.  I find myself revisiting many of the same questions I pondered 4 years ago; along with a few new ones.   I desire to age with grace and dignity.  I desire to embrace life, not look at it through a lens of fear, doubt and uncertainty.  I’ve no answers, only questions.old-ladiesWill I find a “nitch” which fits and brings satisfaction and eternal purpose?”Will I be financially secure or will I spend my winter years living in a box?”  (See link below). “Will others find value in knowing me – in spending time with me?  Or, because of my limitations, will my friends slowly fade into the distance?” Sadly, some are already fading. “Will I become dependent on others due to poor health and physical limitations?” “Will I find myself alone in a nursing home, totally dependent on others for my care?”  “Will I be of sound mind, able to remember the simple things of life? Or, like mom, struggle with Alzheimer’s disease?” How will CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease), impact my future and that of my family? My list of questions seems endless; as do my fears.

What does it look like to age with grace?  I have no clue.  Life’s a journey and each new Season, each new discovery good or bad, changes our path.  I invite you to come along. Let’s discover together what it means to age “Gray-cefully”.

Grace: noun – Simple elegance and refinement of movement; elegance, poise, finesse and agility.

More to come,

Until next time,

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Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

5 thoughts on “Aging Gray’cefully”

  1. Sandra, Except for the immune system differences, your words could be mine exactly. You’ve articulated some of the very same questions I’ve pondered as I age. I too, want to be gentle and gracious as I age, yet I have a hard time seeing progress sometimes. Thank you for your transparency. xoxo


  2. Thank YOU for the words of enlightenment, inspiration and encouragement for those of us that read your blogs. I KNOW God is giving you the grace and strength in this season of your life. We can depend on Him for all things….He is faithful and definitely loves each of us unconditionally.
    Love and blessings to a special sister in the Lord!!!


  3. You are definitely aging with grace – you are an inspiration. Know that God has even this season of your life in His hands. Know that you are loved and prayed for! May God continue to give you Grace and strength to get through each day… Love you!


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