Taking a Stand for Christmas

In the mail recently, I received a large bookmark as a way of introduction to a STAND UP initiative. The heading on one side read, “STAND UP for Christmas” and asks the question “Is the celebration of Christmas as we know it being threatened?” It went on to say, “It doesn’t have to be. Our culture is more commercially crazed than ever with “Happy Holidays” pushing “Merry Christmas” out of the picture.  Not everyone who is crazy about Christmas is crazy about Christ.  That is why it is important to STAND UP for Christmas through the demonstration of “peace on earth good will to men” as it was delivered with the infant Jesus Christ.” The bookmark then offers “practical ways” to keep Christ in Christmas and shine a light on His goodness and joy.

Their suggestions for accomplishing the goal:

  • Create a list of ways to demonstrate your faith during the holidays
  • Pray for grace and goodness! Allow a Christ-like spirit to shine through in all you say and do.
  • Pray daily! Ask God to show you who needs a special gift of heavenly grace and kindness during the season.
  • Immerse yourself in the study of God’s Word! His story is the Christmas story!
  • Help others! Look for opportunities to help those in need – Christmas is a time to care about others.
  • Share the Christmas Story! Share the Gift God gave on that first Christmas Day so long ago.
  • Show grace! Demonstrate grace in the face of opposition or ridicule.
  • Allow the world to see Christ in you this Christmas!

There’s a tugging at my heart as I hold the bookmark in my hand. A tugging, I’ve come to recognize as the Holy Spirit of God.  What did He want me to see or hear?  First the Holy Spirit drew me to the suggestions for “Standing Up for Christmas”. All great suggestions, yet, they miss the
Christmas Every Daymark. As a believer in Jesus, we should strive to accomplish these suggestions every day, not just 25 days out of 365. Next, the Holy Spirit drew my attention to the title and the words, “Stand Up for Christmas”. Shouldn’t we stand up for Christmas? Again, I felt the Spirit say, “Wrong target.  It’s not Christmas for which we take a stand, but Jesus Christ”.

The idiom, to take-a-stand, finds it origin in military terms.  It means to hold one’s ground against an enemy. In essence making a stand and holding firm against the enemy so as to not lose ground.  As I read the definition I couldn’t help but ponder who or what is my enemy. Like a good general, If I’m going to take a stand for something I best know what, or whom I’m making a stand for and the desired goal or outcome. Once the enemy has been determined and the goal defined, a strategy to bring about the enemy’s defeat is implemented and put into action.

There is more to come… for today, I leave you with the following questions to ponder. “Is it possible we are missing the core of the battle?  Are we so wrapped up in ‘Christmas’ we are fighting the battle with the wrong weapons and thereby missing the bullseye? Is it possible in the midst of the battle we lost sight of the desired outcome?

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

6 thoughts on “Taking a Stand for Christmas”

  1. I agree with you Sandra, first thing that came to me too, is I am not standing up for Christmas, I am standing up for Christ Jesus! Awesome blog.


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