Special Olympics Participant Is Ready After Being Told He’d Die 21 Years Ago

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I stumbled across a “Feel Good” Blog. I find many of the stories encouraging. Our world, especially the news, is filled with too much doom and gloom alongside fear tactics. On occasion I will share a “Feel Good” story with you, my faithful readers. We all can use a little more encouragement and “Feel Goodness” in our lives. Enjoy.

The Feels

Matthew Hernandez is living proof that you can overcome situations that look impossible. He’s set to compete in kayaking at the Special Olympics World Games, 21 years after it looked like there was no hope for his life.

Three months after he was born, doctors diagnosed him with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, a rare genetic condition.

Matthew Hernandez as a baby

They said he’d never walk, eat on his own or be able to speak. His grandparents, Jack and Kathy Green, were told he wouldn’t live to see his 11th birthday.

Matthew Hernandez as a young boy

“We were just in shock,” Jack Green told TODAY.com. “Everybody told us there is nothing you can do.”

Matthew Hernandez with his grandfather

Doctors wanted to hook Matthew up to a feeding tube, but Jack and Kathy refused. They were determined their grandson would eventually be able to eat on his own.

Matthew Hernandez playing around

“My wife and I started feeding him like a puppy with an eye dropper and a little hose on…

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