Bible Art Journaling

I’ve been silent in pretty much every facet of life these past couple weeks. I admit I’m tired of not feeling well, with no apparent answers as to the cause. I’m tired of chronic illness. I’m tired of hearing, yet another friend, has cancer. I’m tired of change, be it good or not so good. I’m tired of …. well let’s just leave it at… I’m tired. The last couple weeks I found myself in a spiritual funk of sorts and therefore I chose to avoid life for a while. My weapon of choice has been to veg on my couch, iPad in hand, watching a myriad of videos and short clips, on a host of subjects. Last Saturday, I’d had enough and shot an arrow prayer to the heavens, “Lord, enough of this. I’ve got to do something to snap me out of this funk”. I decided, or was prompted depending on how one views my short wee prayer, to do something creative. To do something which would spark imagination; to do something, which would reignite a spark of life, a.k.a. hope. But what?

I’ve had a desire to be more intentional in my prayer life for others. This became the focus for my creative venture. I would create a different kind of prayer/journal/notebook. I found a notebook which had been lying around the house for over a year. Got out my scrapbooking papers and stickers and let the creative juices flow. At the end of the day I was more at peace within myself. I love my prayer journal. It’s a different twist on a flip-photo prayer wheel. I’m excited about formatting the inside of this little notebook and sharing the concept with all of you once completed. Very excited!

Today,  I received a phone call from a friend and fellow blog reader. In the course of our conversation she shared how she’s been drawing in her journal as a result of one of my prior blog posts. What an encouragement! The light bulb snapped on and in pure excitement I told her, “Have I got an idea to share with you!” My friend this blog is for you.

“Bible Art Journaling” – when I first discovered the concept I wasn’t all that hep on the idea. Bible Art Journaling seemed disrespectful to the very Word of God. Many people in the process of Bible Art Journaling cover the words of Scripture, making the passages virtually unreadable. Then, I discovered Rebekah R. Jones’ website. Oh my! What an artist and creative person. She does not treat the Word of God lightly and treasures her time spent with God as she journals. Faith bible art journalBelieve me when I say, “I cannot draw a lick”, yet I’m intrigued by the process of Bible Art Journaling. As I watched several of her video blogs I realized I could do a similar process with stamps and stickers and some scrapbooking supplies.  Bible Art Journaling does require a Bible with wider margins then the average Bible. Oh, Oh … would I be purchasing another Bible?  How do I justify this when I already have more Bibles then I need. Well, guess what?  God is amazing in his blessings and timing.

God’s timing is always perfect in my life.  A few weeks ago my hubby discovered my International Inductive Study Bible, published by Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries, in a box stored in our garage. Obviously hidden for several years. He placed it on the side table and there my Bible sat until this past week. I picked it up, opened its covers, all with the idea of letting it go to Goodwill for someone else to use. Ah, but what did I see…. wide margins. Yes!!! Wide margins. What a precious gift of God’s perfect timing.

God designed me to be creative and when I’m not fulfilling this side of me, I don’t do well with life’s curve balls.  The other day, I found great comfort in creating my little prayer journal and listening to praise music all while contemplating life and my relationship with the Lord. Life needs to be in balance.  I was out of balance. Not anymore.

I believe Bible Art Journaling will be one more way for me to leave a legacy of my time spent with the Lord, for family, friends, and perhaps others, long after I leave planet earth.  Stay tuned, I’ll let you peek into my creative world soon.

Until next time,

Side note: Rebekah has been extending a weekly Bible Art Journal challenge to her followers since the beginning of the year. For me, some of Rebekah’s designs go over the top in page coverage.  But, that’s okay, as it is her way of spending time with the Lord.  I love the concept and I very much love her heart for God.  We’re all created different with unique likes and dislikes. The Art Journal Page which sold me on the concept and which said, “Sandra, you can do this”, was week 7 of her challenge.  Here is a link to the website for Rebekah R. Jones.  I hope you enjoy her concept and talent as much as I.  Oh yes, and lest I forget, the one she does with the lion is incredible! Imagine the legacy she’s leaving behind in her Bible.
purple star
If you click on the artwork for the week it takes you to another page which has a video describing how she did that week’s journal.

Would love to hear what you think and if you too, will be giving Bible Art Journaling a try.


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

8 thoughts on “Bible Art Journaling”

  1. I just told my best friend the exact words “I can’t draw a lick” and then I clicked on your blog. Thanks for the info and inspiration.


  2. You knew this would pique my creative juices. Watching her videos is just like being in art class. So much I want to do — so little time!


    1. When will I see your artwork? Linda, please be sure to share with me a pic when you do your first Bible Art Journal page. I know first hand you are a drawer 🙂


  3. This is amazing! Who would of thought to create and have your pages come alive as you speak to our Lord. Thank you so much for sharing and for talking to me today Sandra. Blessings!


    1. You are welcome. Thank you for the phone call. It was a great spark to inspiration. Google… “Bible Art Journaling”. I have been exploring for the past hour or so. Awesome how God has simply gifted so many. I need to find a cheap source for Bible stickers and stamps. More to come… I have no doubt. Be sure to share your pages. I can hardly wait to see what you do. You are very talented my friend. Hugs


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