Purple Princess Healthy Eating Plan Takes Shape

About 2 weeks ago I started a healthy eating lifestyle encouragement group, on Facebook. Me and approximately 15 good friends are sharing recipes, struggles and successes. I shared my shaky start in a previous blog and how the Purple Princess Plan is coming into play. The core Plan is 3 basic steps:

  • Pray-up before starting
  • Purposefully plan, calculate and choose what goes into your body
  • Praise God for the successes

Due to recent health concerns I’ve been researching what is healthy for our bodies and what should be avoided. Many folks in the health industry have varying opinions and not all agree; no surprise there. The majority agree upon the following:

  • Eat fresh from the garden fruits and veggies keeping them organic in nature. If one is IMG_0982unable to find or purchase (due to cost) the next best thing is organic frozen. The Purple Princess does not garden, therefore, I will need to scope out the best sources for purchasing.
  • As for high carb vs. low carb… the jury is still debating. All do agree when it comes to carbs one should eliminate all simple grains a.k.a. the white stuff. Focus on whole, complete grains.
  • GMO foods are a huge debate… More on this in a later blog. For now, this gal says, “Stay away from all GMO Foods”.
  • Saturated fats of all kinds are a no-no.
  • Processed and fast foods are a no-no. At the very least minimize their consumption. And of course, nothing artificial.
  • Most agree all kinds of sugar and sugar substitutes should be avoided.

Dr. Weil, well known authority on holistic medicine says his choice for sweetness is unadulterated, pure, organic Maple Syrup. Not quite sure how that works with all things; but might be interesting.

The reality is if we eat organic fruits and veggies in the ripe for the tastebuds state they are naturally sweet. We train our taste buds to crave the man-made sweetness. We can re-train those taste buds to crave natures bounty.

Similar to a marathon runner training for a race, I’m training for a healthier more fit me. My training ground has its hills and valleys, turns, twists and unexpected curves. When I cross the finish line, I believe, I will have a good solid healthy plan. A plan which reduces the over abundance of inflammation in our bodies and has a strong virus fighting component; all done naturally.

Many have emailed and stated they are in for the ride too. Looking forward to learning together. Thanks for joining the race to healthier bodies and a healthy eating lifestyle.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

Comments appreciated and welcomed

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