Intervention … please

I had an early morning meeting today at a restaurant directly behind our local Goodwill Store. As I pulled into the parking lot I couldn’t help but think of my friend who is the Queen in finding bargains. Sadly, she has moved to another state and my lessons on finding good bargains ceased. Remembering our last shopping trip at Goodwill, smiling, I entered the store, confident I could find a good bargain on a flower pot.

I’m starting an herb garden and needed to purchase a flower pot or two at a bargain price. Heading for the outdoor isle I traveled through the book section. Books began leaping into my basket. I finally found the courage to tell them to behave and stay on the shelves. Once again on track, I headed towards the outdoor section. I came to the dish section. The darndest thing happened, the dishes whispered rescue me, rescue me, oh please, take me to your home; and in to the basket they went.

Good will haulAll of a sudden, I started to laugh. “What are you thinking girlfriend”. “Oh my goodness, I simply cannot take all of you home with me; I’m downsizing for Pete’s sake”. Needless to say my conversation with my books, dishes and rather full basket caught the eye of the lady in the aisle next to me. I think she thought I was short a brick or two. I put back a goodly amount and headed to the checkout stand, inwardly chuckling all the way. I arrived home with 3 sacks of great bargains.  My friend would be so proud of me. Sadly,  I never made it to the outdoor section to purchase my flower pots.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an avid reader. In later years I wasn’t reading as much, so I guess you could say I became an avid book buyer. I had good intentions of reading the books but time always seem to elude me.  Not too many years ago I had 5 floor-to-ceiling bookcases loaded with books. The church I currently worked at was starting a library. Aha, I thought to myself. The opportunity before me would be the best of both worlds. I could donate most of my books and still have access to them; this was a win-win! I did just that. I downsized my library to one bookcase and decided this would be my allotted space for books. No more and no less.  I tried hard; really I did, not to purchase more books than the shelves could hold.  It wasn’t long before I knew I had to find another solution.  What’s a girl to do? This gal said, “Lord, help!” And a plan was born. A plan which says, this is the amount of space I have allotted in my home for books. Therefore, if I’m going to buy a book and there’s no room on the shelf for it to be stored then a book must be removed from the bookshelf and given away. That system works pretty well. Although, I kept some books I really didn’t need to keep and gave away some I wish I hadn’t; obviously not a perfect plan.

Arrrghhh, “Oh my”, I look around the room and I see several stacks of books sitting on the floor, on the coffee table, desk book stackstops and end tables. And, I just brought home a dozen more books. Help! I’m out of control, once again. This gal needs an intervention. This situation would be sad if it weren’t so doggone hilarious. All this fuss about a few books, really. Let’s face it, books are my addiction.

Strategy:  to keep organized, continue with downsizing and feed my addiction in a healthy way plan.  The books I purchased, and those sitting around in stacks, have 3 months to reside loosely in the confines of my home. At the end of 3 months if I’ve not read them they go into the Goodwill box (The Goodwill box is a box I have available at all times. As I discover items I no longer need they go into the Goodwill box. When the box is full it goes into my trunk and gets delivered that week to the Goodwill store). If the books I brought home are found worthy, to stay permanently in my home, then a book which is currently residing on my very full bookshelf will need to come off the shelf to create space. That book which is removed from the shelf will then go directly into the Goodwill box or be handed off to a friend. I absolutely may not purchase another book until all the stacks are assimilated into the book shelf.

I’m off to explore the insides of some great books.

Happy Organizing
Until next time,

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way”  Psalm 37:23


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

Comments appreciated and welcomed

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