Spiritual Bread Crumbs

I raised the following question with a group of young gals whom I mentor, “How do you recognize, or see, the pattern, the puzzle pieces if you will, of God’s working and leading (through the Holy Spirit) in your life?  After some discussion it was determined clarity in this area for some would be helpful. I went on to say, “I believe bread crumbs are helpful. How can we understand, how can we recognize or see the pieces of the puzzle without ‘bread crumbs’ along the way”. “Bread crumbs?” came the reply. Bread crumbs are path markers, tools we use to remind us of where we are in the process. Unlike an actual puzzle where you see the completed picture from the beginning, God unfolds his picture, unique to each of us, a little at a time.

My bread crumbs are found in my journaling.  In my journals you will find Scripture or passages recorded when I felt the Holy Spirit had spoken specifically to me.  I include questions which need to be answered to provide clarity in understanding. I record the answers as they are revealed.  I include thoughts and impressions at the moment. At times I journal character building moments. These are moments when God uses Scripture to teach me; to correct me. After all the goal of a child of God, a “Prince or Princess” is to reflect the Father. You will also find words of praise and thanks for his willingness to provide and interact in my life.

Other methods one might use:  Recording a date next to a verse in one’s Bible when one believes God spoke to them on a particular subject.  This method allows one to go back through their Bible and see patterns or pieces unfold, like a puzzle, providing  them a clearer picture.  Then there is “Bullet-Journaling”, or the 3×5 card method I devised many years ago.  Using 3×5 cards, you write notes similar to my journaling style.  A person may also choose to jot quotes from books, or thoughts from a teaching message, radio or television program, or conversations with friends. The 3×5 method uses bullet point’s rather than complete paragraphs; hence the name, “Bullet-Journaling”.  These are only a few ways to leave a trail of spiritual bread crumbs.

bread of lifeI’m privileged to have observed the workings of the Holy Spirit in the lives of many. The ones who travel the most miles in their adventurous journey with God, staying on a clear path, recognizing the Holy Spirit’s leading, leave a trail of bread crumbs. Leaving a trail provides clarity and a sense of purpose and direction. Others, who do not feel the need for any kind of bread crumb system, seem to travel aimlessly, grabbing for this dream, or that one, or maybe the next one.  Their dream, their goal or vision gets lost in impatience, confusion and indecision. Because there are no bread crumbs to retrace, they often decide they must have been wrong, they didn’t really hear God at all.  Therefore, they move on to the next greatest adventure, determined, once again, to find God’s direction for their life. I think the saddest outcome is when they give up and settle for less than God ever intended.

Being who I am, I must ask my fellow Christian sojourners, “Are you being swayed, or drifting in the wind by whatever comes your way?  Are you able to see God at work in your life and recognize his leading; his vision for you?”  Can you see the pieces coming together? “If not, perhaps it time for a little bread crumb scattering.  If you would like to understand more about leaving “bread crumbs”, please ask your questions by leaving a comment or email me privately.

Would also love to hear how you recognize God at work in your life.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Bread Crumbs”

  1. Just read your message. Another good one. Makes you stop and think about things. I love to slow down each morning and just sit in silence with my thoughts and with God. I need to be aware of what is going on around me with other people. Sometimes I feel someone just needs a hand that reaches out when they are hurting. Helping your neighbors in need, etc. When we get to caught up in all the busy stuff we miss a lot of blessing we can give to others. I feel God wants all of us to spend time with him and he will show us many things through his words. We need to stop and smell the roses. Life is full of business but we can get off the busy road and meditate alone with God. Reading his words makes us all grow in our spiritual walk. I know this doesn’t probably have anything to do with what you wrote but it was on my mind. Carol


    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for returning to my blog. Thank you for the encouraging words. Glad you enjoyed what you read. I love that you shared how you spend your time with God in the mornings and how that time leads you to minister to others. You are so right when you say, “When we get too caught up in all the busy stuff we miss a lot of blessing we can give to others.” We miss the blessings God wishes to provide and lavish on us as well. We worry and fret over many things. Yet the greatest investment we can choose is spending time with him. Thank you for sharing. You gave me some good things to chew on today. Time to go and take in the fragrance of a rose or two.



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