I Have Simply Got to Know

If I was younger and had most of my life, still ahead of me. I might choose a slightly different career path; like becoming a Irish Settergenealogist, or archaeologist, or perhaps a psychologist. Human nature simply fascinates me. I never thought much about why we behave the way we do or why we react to certain situations in the way we do, until recent years. When evil things happen, such as poisoning a beautiful champion Irish Setter, simply because he is a national competitor in dog shows, leaves me dumbfounded. Why would anyone be so evil as to hurt an innocent animal?

My curiosity and fascination with human nature would blend well with my discovery mind. I love to solve puzzles of all kinds. Okay, maybe not math puzzles. I love to solve those which involve humans.  I love murder mysteries (no gore please). I love discovering links to family heritage; mine, friends, and those I have yet to meet. There are nights when I’m working on genealogy, I simply cannot stop. I’m like a hound dog on a scent, or the famous Sherlock Holmes. I will not rest until I come to some sort of conclusion.

I’ve always asked questions. My father would accuse me of being skeptical because I could never take anything at face value. Friends tell me I over analyze or over think things. I could not understand why close friends and coworkers would sometimes get defensive when I asked questions. Finally, I came to understand; they felt Magnifying Scripturechallenged, as if I didn’t believe them. That wasn’t it at all. I simply had a burning desire to understand; to know. Once I understood my desire to discover things. my desire to know truth, and solve mysteries of all kinds, I was able to explain why I always ask questions. It’s been a win-win. They no longer feel challenged and I get to explore the mysteries of the world and people around me.

Understanding why I asked so many questions, why I simply could not let things lie, only recently became clear. I came to realize God created me this way for a reason. It’s that tenacity, that same desire to ferret out truth, which makes searching God’s Word, the Bible, a joy for me. It’s that same passion of discovery which God is using in my writing. God has gifted me with the ability to not only search, dig, and discover, but to share with my family, with my friends, and with the world through my blogs, the treasured nuggets I find along the way.

Like the world which surrounds us, my discoveries are not all pleasant ones. Currently I’m ferreting out the truth of a life-after-death. Is there a hell? Is there a heaven? Does the word of God stand up under such scrutiny? Let me interject here, the reality of a hell scares me; the reality of heaven, not so scary. Yet, the reality of neither seems more frightening.

Why more frightening, you ask? Ask yourself the following questions. If there is no God, if there is no life after death, no heaven, no hell… then why does human kind occupy earth?  Is it that we simply exist and then cease to exist? I suppose that is a possibility. When I look at life around me, however, all creation has a purpose which lends itself to the belief we have a purpose, a reason for our existence too.

No, I’m not a philosopher. Questions like mine have been asked by minds more intelligent than mine.  Gold nugget 2Who am I?  I am a simple woman, walking with Jesus, desiring to discover simple truths…  nuggets… treasures, along the way.

Yes my friends, there will be more on this subject; I suspect much more.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

3 thoughts on “I Have Simply Got to Know”

  1. If there is a heaven then there must be a hell and if there is neither we exhist for nothing and go to nothing after death and that is really scary.


  2. Even David asked “Why?” it’s human nature…That’s where faith and trust in a loving God is the answer to everything. Thank you for making me take a moment to stop and think of my “whys”…


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