Why Resist?

I’m a ponderer, a thinker, a chewer; I think upon some of the strangest things. “People often ask me, “If I’ve always been this way?” I have no memory of thinking on such things as a kid, or even a teenager. I really don’t know when I became such a thinker. It’s not that I analyze everything… I simply ponder things. No, I’ve never pondered why the sky is blue or why God made the earth round, or why stars fall out of the sky. I figure there are scientists and people much smarter than I who can ponder and discover those answers. I love to ponder Scripture. There are tons of things within God’s Word, to ponder, or chew upon. There are many mysteries within the Bible, some are very solvable and others, I believe, God intended to remain a mystery this side of heaven. But, that doesn’t stop me from thinking upon them.

puzzle piecesFor as long as I remember I have loved to solve puzzles. The exhilaration of discovery begins when I pick up that first piece of puzzle from the box and begin spreading the pieces one-by-one across the table. The joy of placing each puzzle piece in its proper position to complete the perfect picture becomes addicting. I will sit for hours, neglecting everything else until the very last piece is placed. Perhaps it’s in my DNA to solve puzzles and mysteries, which leads me to ponder.

Recently, I was pondering the question, “What is it in humans, which makes us resistant”? We all know the majority of people do not like change. That seems to be a given for the human race. But resistance goes deeper or farther than simply not liking change. For example, I have a friend who needs to take medicine for her health and doesn’t. She takes it once in a while, off and on, when the mood strikes. I’m not talking about an un-necessary medicine; I’m a talking about meds critical for living life. Personally, there are vitamins I need to take for better health; may I confess I struggle with being disciplined in this area. Yes, I have the 7 days of the week pillbox for motivation, yet, there sit my pills remaining neatly in each little space, reminding me of my failure to follow through. Reading our Bible a little each day seems insurmountable for many, however, we find available hours for watching television or a myriad of other things. For those who struggle in this area 5 minutes a day reading might as well be 5 hours. Laundry for me is an interesting little gem. I love placing the dirty clothes in the washing machine, putting them in the dryer, hanging those which need hanging and folding those which need folding. The smells of clean, fresh laundry … aah wonderful.  The next step, however, becomes a major tug of war; getting the now clean laundry into my dresser drawers and closets. Why? What is it in me, in us, which resists simple things? I understand why some things challenge us; for instance, exercise. It takes time out of our busy day, it requires a certain amount of effort, sometimes we have to work through the pain, and if we’re going to the gym, it means leaving one destination to arrive at another; costing us even more time. In this case we struggle to accomplish the goal because of poor organization or simple laziness; we simply don’t want to go, even though we all agree we feel better when we do.

I wonder if the reason we resist the minor little things, the easy things, could fall under the same category as to why we resist vitamin casethe harder, more complicated things. Could it be as simple as laziness? Hmmm, I wonder. Perhaps, pride plays a little part in our decision to avoid. Maybe, it’s more about control. Yet, as I think about the control question… I’m in control; I get to choose whether I swallow pills, put laundry away, or ???? So, maybe it’s not so much about control. Pride… If it was a pride issue, I’d be putting the laundry away, I’d be swallowing my pills, I’d want to be as perfect as could be because that’s what pride’s all about; right? So, maybe it’s not about pride. That leaves me with laziness. Perhaps laziness is the core issue. As I write these words, I am reminded of God’s chosen people. You know, the ones who wandered in the desert for 40 years. They wandered because of ungratefulness and a lack of obedience to God’s direction. How much did laziness play in their reactions, in their responses to God’s leading? Perhaps, it’s something as simple as free will. Maybe the core to our resistance is as simple as we don’t want anyone telling us what to do. We don’t want people telling us verbally, by implication, or by expectation what we should be doing. I can’t help but wonder.

We lose when we resist, yet we resist anyway. Why? I suspect I’m not done chewing on this one.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

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