What would you do if you discovered you only had a short time to live?  I found myself chewing on this topic, once again. No, I have no reason to believe my life is short (although the reality is we are never guaranteed tomorrow or even the next minute). I’m sorting through my library hoping to find a book, or ten, I can donate or give away. It’s very hard for this gal to separate from her books, but I’ve gotten better at letting some go to make room for others.  I came across the book “One Month to Live” written by Kerry and Chris Shook.  The premise behind the book is getting away from the “someday” syndrome.  Kerry and Chris challenge the reader to a 30 day challenge. In the book they ask deep thought provoking questions. As you go through the process you learn to live a life without regrets. Hmm, a life with no regrets, is that even possible?

SomedayA friend shared if she discovered she had only 30 days to live her biggest regret would be not having more sex with her hubby.  She had let their marriage drift into a complacent state.  They started out sharing life together. They talked about their fears, their dreams, their hopes and each other.  She says, “We romanced each other”… we listened, we couldn’t wait to be together; we loved each other unconditionally.  She went on to say they currently had a strong love for each other, but the icing on the cake was slipping. The cake is great, but without the romance the icing’s missing; the icing completes the cake.  As I thought about her words, I realized she still had time to overcome, to turn her regret into a wonderful, loved filled, icing on the cake, possibility.

Then I thought, what about me? Regrets, of course I have some but those are things of the past for which I cannot change. As I thumbed through the book I found a list of some-days I had jotted.  Someday, I might like to write a book.  Someday, I hope to do more with photography. Someday, I want to learn to play the piano. Someday, I hope to travel with my hubby. Someday, I hope to eat healthier. Someday, maybe my life will be in order. Someday my life will be lived out more intentionally and not by whatever circumstance I find myself within. Someday my life will have purpose.

Wow, I look at my list and the realization hits… all of my Someday wishes are governed by me.  Those items can all happen if I take the initiative to make them happen.  I don’t need to sit around waiting for someday! Buckets lists are often nothing more than a “Someday list”.

I am choosing this week to focus on the word, “Someday”.  Where in my life do I hear myself saying someday?  Those are the thoughts I desire to take captive and realize “Someday” is here. If those someday thoughts are important enough for “some day”, aren’t’ they important enough for now; today?

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

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