Switched Off Sundays

I’ve been doing research on the Old Testament command to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. In the Old Testament remembering the Sabbath, a.k.a. the 7th day was vitally important to the relationship between the Israelites and God. The Israelites went about their daily activities for 6 days, but on the 7th everything should come to a halt; resting, remembering the Sabbath and keeping it holy the command of the day. Usher in the New Testament and that particular commandment appears to be the only one, out of the 10, not reiterated in the New Testament.

I’m becoming convicted that keeping the Sabbath is important. No, not from a legalistic, obedience to the commands theological point of view; more from the standpoint God thought it was important. As I did my research the driving question became why this commandment is the only one not reiterated in the New Testament. The answer may be as simple as, God didn’t reiterate this command due to man having perverted it beyond what he originally intended. In an attempt to define God’s directive to keep the Sabbath holy mankind added a ton of burdensome rules and limitations. For instance, rules like no preparing meals, or carrying in water from the stream for washing or drinking. In today’s lingo keeping the Sabbath would mean, no watering the lawn, no working in the yard, no hobbies, no going for Sunday drives, no cooking or cleaning, no fishing, nada, nothing zip. By Mosaic law if a person did not stop all types of activity in honor of the Sabbath, he was guilty of breaking the law.

remember the sabbathThe Book of Genesis says God rested on the 7th day following his work of creation. He stepped back, looked at all he had created and said it was good. This year I’m focusing more on gratitude and being thankful for God’s interaction in my life. If I bring honor to God by setting apart a day to ponder my walk with the Lord then why wouldn’t I do just that? Does not mean I will not cook a meal or draw water. It does mean a change in my usual routines. I plan to switch off my brain from all work related items, people pressure, ministry happenings, etc. On this day I will fast from technology. I will be off the grid. No techy toys, computer games, cell phones, etc., why I won’t even check email. I will be more aware and intentional in my activity choices for the day. I may choose to do a little Scrapbooking, while listening to praise music. I may spend my afternoon in prayer and journaling. Bottom line, my relationship with the Lord, remembering and giving thanks for all he has done, will drive my choices.

I’ve dubbed my new routine, “Switched off Sunday’s”.
I’m expecting great things.

Until next time,

“And hallow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God”. Ezekiel 20:20

To read my articles on Keeping the Sabbath go to: https://throughthebibletogether.wordpress.com/

A few Scripture references on keeping the Sabbath:


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

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