Writing for an Audience of One

Happy New Year

Purple Princess Reflections was born out of a desire to share my life as I do my best to walk with and follow Jesus. Honestly, it wasn’t even really my idea. For several months, during my morning prayer and reading time, I would sense a nudging by the Holy Spirit to begin a writing blog. Until the movie Julie and Julia I had no idea what a writing blog might look like.  Previously, the only blogging I had experienced was setting up a private Bible Study site for me and a few friends; a way to communicate privately without 100 emails filling our inboxes. I used a blog site to set up a Bible Study Forum; definitely not a writing blog.  I had no idea God was preparing me for a future in writing. I remember driving home after seeing the movie Julie and Julia thinking, what on earth… A blog… You’ve got to be kidding… right? Alas, God definitely wasn’t kidding.  I wonder what would happen should my blog become viral like Julie Powell’s did.  Oh my, too much to even ponder.  Too scary!

I sit here at my desk marveling at all the Lord has accomplished in my life these past few years.  The people I have met through the cyberspace waves and the bonds which Princess logo for blog bhave been created by friends both near and far, old and new.  My writing may never hit the Bestsellers List; and that’s okay. You see, I write for an audience of one… I write to please God. He is the one who has called me to this profession, he is the one who gifted me with words, and he directs the direction of my writing and the results. To be honest, every challenge, every trial, every not so wonderful incident which has befallen me, every one of those things has been worth the journey, the adventure of walking with Jesus. I admit, when I’m in the midst of those trials, I’m not too excited about them. Seeing how God uses each one and the ways he redeems each trial is a precious gift. My goal as a child, as a Princess, to the King of Kings, is to become more like Christ in word, thought and action. Everything, and I mean everything I experience, the good the bad and the ugly, serve to build my character to be more like His.

I realize there are some who think I’m crazy. There are many, some of them family, who do not understand why I share, “private things”, in such a public way. Believe me I often wonder that same thing. Many times I wonder, “Am I making any kind of a difference by sharing my junk”? There’s probably not a month which goes by where I don’t wonder, or ask the question, “Why am I doing this”? It’s hard to continually put oneself out there and receive very little feedback.  It isn’t easy to share on such an intimate level and wonder who is reading what I have to say. Yes, I’m a regular ordinary gal, filled with fears and doubts searching for answers like many of you. Then, that is sort of the whole idea, isn’t it; me, sharing my simple life, as I reflect on my walk with God every day.  Praying, someone will find something of value for their life as they reflect upon mine.  Yes, it holds a certain amount of risk. I cannot think of a better way to accomplish the goal set before me other than to share honestly, intimately and through the sensitive eyes of vulnerability.  Each year I pray over continuing. The answer for this year is to continue.

You may sense a difference in my writing this year.  I am excited about the path ahead.  I hope you will be too!

Until next time,



Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

4 thoughts on “Writing for an Audience of One”

  1. I don’t get to read every blog, but every blog I’ve read has always meant so much to me. Thank you for sharing your life with us. God bless you and your efforts as you continue to write for an audience of One.


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