Purple Side of Life

I did something wild and crazy a few weeks ago, at least wild and crazy for me. I had purple highlights put in my hair. Why, you ask? For starters, I graduated physical therapy. Just under 6 months ago I began going for physical therapy twice a week for restoration of my broken ankle. I never thought it would take so long. Even now, I’m still a long way away from walking normally. I wanted to do something to celebrate the new me. To be perfectly honest, however, there was more to the purple hair than just a celebration. For several years I have joked with my younger friends about being old. I would say things to them like, “I’m old you know!” Or, “I can’t do that… I’m old.” When making comments such as those and similar other ones I never felt old. The comments were simply my way of acknowledging I am entering the autumn of my life. My ankle injury changed my perspective and for the first time I genuinely feel old.

While the limitations of my physical disability make me feel old, inside my spirit is screaming, no – no -no. I can no longer do many of the things I did before the injury. And, it appears I may never heal 100% to the person I was, physically, before the accident. I want my outside to match my spirit inside. My spirit which says, “I’m not old”. My spirit which says, “I can still have fun”. My spirit which says, “Come on over, let’s chat, eat and have some fun together”.  The spirit which says, “I am willing to try”. The spirit which says, “I am God’s child, a daughter of the King; a Princess (a “Purple Princess”) I am blessed 🙂

Sandy's Princess HairTo be truthful, I believed others would wonder what this “Old Lady” was doing with purple hair.  I never expected to receive so many compliments; many from men I meet along the way. (That was a total unexpected result) On occasion I get the stare of surprise and wonderment.  My first thought when I see those seems to be, “What is their problem? Do I have toilet paper stuck somewhere? And then I remember, oh yeah, I have purple hair. Not something you see every day on a woman of my age.  I think the cutest comment came from a very little old lady.  She was helping her hubby leave the restaurant and as she passed by our table she did a double take. When she thought she was out of ear shot I heard her say, “That ‘girl‘ has purple hair!” and then she smiled. My favorite comment came from a gentleman in his early forties who said, “Only you; only you could carry purple hair off with such grace. Way to go.  I love it!” Due to my desire to age “gray”cefully I loved his comment.  Not 100% sure what aging gracefully looks like. I do know it does not look like; grumpy, critical, argumentative, demanding or demeaning.  Many as they age seem to forget the gentleness and kindnesses of life towards others with each passing year.  I desire to be just the opposite a woman filled with more and more grace as each New Year brings on new challenges and adventures.

My hairdresser after seeing the results of her work said, “Well if anyone doubts Christians have fun this should convince them otherwise”.  Most of her interactions with Christians have been anything but fun. Be you a believer in Christ or not, I say, “Go for it! Life is too short to do otherwise”. If there is something you’ve been putting off because you thought you were too old or not capable or, you fill in the blank ______________.  (Keep in mind I’m not suggesting you do anything unsafe or harmful; that would simply be stupidity at its best) If you need help to accomplish your dream, ask.  Beginning today do not let another minute go by without taking steps towards fulfilling your dreams and having fun; fun being the optimum word.  It’s time for the world to see the fun side of you.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for you to see the fun side of you. Come on, what’s holding you back?  Do it!  Do something funky and fun.  Enjoy….

Off to my next wild and crazy idea.

Until next time,



Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

Comments appreciated and welcomed

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