Catching a Glimpse of God

Ever wonder why we pray?  I wonder if God ever wonders why we pray. I/we pray asking for his intervention and then don’t notice when he comes through with a yes! But, let him come through with a no or a wait, and we notice! I’m not alone in this malady. I received an email update regarding a prayer request for healing. The update went something like this, “Praise the cyst is gone. It must have been a hemorrhagic cyst that ruptured.” I am not making light of the situation nor am I pointing fingers.   We prayed for the cyst to dissolve and be no big deal. Clearly the Lord answered our prayers for healing, yet, explained the healing away in logical medical terms, rather than recognizing God’s hand at work.

For example, we have a beautiful fountain in our backyard; a gift from my husband. He knew how much I missed the sound of ocean waves. I admit it is not quite the ocean. Yet, it fills my soul with joy overflowing to hear the water tumble over the rocks. Each morning I sit on my patio, reading, praying and listening to the waterfall. I am reminded how very much I am loved.  The birds form a choir of nations as they sing, tweet, and chirp in unison. It is the highlight of my day! However, about a year ago pigeons began appearing.  One by one, until one day last fall, I swear, 50 or more pigeons launched into flight, flying into the yard, bringing a trail of poop! Some days the pigeons were so plentiful you could barely see the fountain.  I was not the only person annoyed by these birds. A neighbor could hardly step into the refreshing water of his backyard pool without first walking through a mile of pigeon poop. (To my readers, who love pigeons, I mean no disrespect. They are a beautiful bird, one at a time.)

pigeonsBecause of the multitude, which seemed to simply keep multiplying I found myself unable to enjoy my mornings with the Lord. I prayed, over and over, asking God to please migrate them to another spot; one where they would be appreciated for their beauty.  However, it appeared God had no such intention. The months passed and the pigeons continued to grow in number, along with my despair.

Several months following my accident, I sat in my living room, yearning for the time when I could manage the step-down to get out on my patio; it suddenly struck me… the pigeons were no longer flying in and out of the yard.  Over the next few days I watched, waiting for their return; they had vanished.  I surmised someone who also had, had enough, poisoned them.  I was sad to think someone potentially killed them. But, at the same time I was thrilled they were gone. Then one day, the Lord gently reminded me of my prayer.  It was not coincidence they were gone.  It was not by man’s hands they were gone; the Lord had answered my prayer. Talk about an awakening.

I will not bore you with more details, but will say, this is not the only incident lately where God’s reminded me of an answer to a prayer which I have, without a moment’s thought, explained away; similar to the healing of my friends, friend.  God does answer our prayers; not always miraculously.  More often than not, they’re answered in the mundane day-to-day activities of life.  Yet, nevertheless orchestrated and carried out, in love, by unseen divine powers, in answer to our humble cries for God to intervene and provide that which we seek.

The first 6 months of this year are gone, never more to be regained.  Because I was too busy whining and focusing on what I could not do, or what I would never be able to do again,  I missed many of the little blessings God sent my way each day!  And there were plenty. Will I let the next 6 go by the same way? I hope not.  I long to see more of God at work in my life and in the world around me; I desire to be more aware of his interaction in the little ways he maneuvers and orchestrates in life. Blessings, too many to count, often going unnoticed.

Most precious Father, please forgive my blindness to your interaction in my life and in praying handsthe world around me. I desire to see, with renewed faith. May I never again explain away, rationalize, or miss an opportunity to praise you for your goodness. And when Satan throws me curve balls, and he will, may I trust you have the outcome already mapped out for my best. I know my reactions to life rarely reflect how much I love you, but, oh Lord, I do love you… so very much!  Thank you precious Father for never giving up on me!  Your daughter, Sandra

God is at work in the world around us every second of every day. Are you seeing him?  Ask him, today, to make you more aware of his presence; to open your eyes to see his goodness.  Make it a game with your friends, your family, your children, yourself.  Here’s to “Catching a glimpse of God”.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

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