Here I go Again….

Once again, I find myself convicted to change my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. What brought this startling revelation back to the forefront, you ask? In December 2013 I put together a calendar. Not just any calendar, but a calendar designed around downsizing my home. A calendar which will continue long after my downsizing project is completed. The calendar will help me keep a set routine for maintaining my spacious and organized life, no longer allowing clutter to return! I have been downsizing for the last few years. I’m getting there, but it’s been a slow process. I get really motivated, forgetting I now have physical limitations, overwork my body and then for the next 6 months, or so, can’t do much. Needless to say, the process has taken longer than I had hoped; hence the brainstorm for a downsizing calendar. Besides, there are fun activities calling for my attention.  I would rather do them then decide which of my fond treasures must go. I digress. Thursday’s was selected as master bedroom-master bath day. Last week I beganStart Somewhere in my bedroom closet thinking it would take me a couple of hours and I’d be done. Wrong! As stated earlier, I tend to forget my physical limitations. In my mind’s eye I am still that young 25-year-old who can accomplish a ton of work, in a short period of time. I worked too long and too hard and as a result for days couldn’t do much else but take it easy. Therefore, I set a time limit. No more than 2 hours, of what my body considers strenuous activity, in a day.

Yesterday, still working in my closet, I began weeding out clothes I could no longer wear. I soon realized I needed to sort clothing into 3 piles. First pile… clothes I most likely will never wear again and I will donate to Goodwill. My 2nd pile would be clothes I might fit into by losing 10 to 12 pounds. My 3rd pile would be those clothes I am able to wiggle myself into today. It really was a comical sight as I tried on clothing, turning, twisting, pulling and praying over some of my favorite pieces. Hoping beyond hope I could justify keeping them in my wardrobe; delusional thinking at its best. Did I somehow think God would miraculously shrink my body or expand the clothes to fit? Very quickly, the realization set in… I needed to limit my, “if I lose 10 or 12 pounds pile”. The magic number was 5. I kept 5 pairs of slacks, 5 dress blouses, 5 casual blouses, 5 T-shirts, etc. Sadly, I did not keep 5 skirts or dresses, as none of them, nada, not one of the pieces I owned would fit; a 30 or 40 pound weight loss would be required. Goodwill is going to be very happy with me.

I looked at the stacks of clothing and tears began to flow. I was hanging on, no… hoarding, clothing which mysteriously I thought I would wear someday. It was time for a change! The daughter of the King has no need to hoard clothing. A daughter who represents the King should lead a lifestyle worthy of such a relationship. I’m not saying, I need to be a size 8, nipped and tucked in all the right places. I’m saying, I need to eat healthy. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I need to exercise, to feel well and have energy, to do the calling for which God has gifted me. I was convicted, yesterday, by my own sin laying there before me in nice neat little stacks.

I returned only the clothes I would be keeping to my closet; placing all hangers backwards and covering my winter clothes with plastic to keep the dust away. It really is surprising, for living in the desert, how many winter clothes I own. Did you notice I said, “I placed the hangers backwards”? reverse hangersPlacing the hangers backwards gives me a visual of clothes I’ve worn in the last 12 months. Let me explain; you hang all your clothes on the clothing bar backwards-in other words, the hooks are facing you, rather than the wall. When you wear an item of clothing, return it to your closet hanging it in the traditional way; hook facing the wall. Each year (January is a great month for this task) you take the hooks which remain on the rod backwards off their hangers and donate them. It’s a wonderful organizational tool and easy to do. It requires a little work in the beginning, however from then on… piece of cake. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, it requires one very important element… discipline! The last few years, when I’ve come across a piece of clothing, still hanging backwards on my clothing bar, rather than donate the item I’ve rationalized losing weight and once again wearing the item. Back on the rod it went, leading to an overstuffed, unwearable closet full of clothes.

Once my clothes were hung in their proper place, I went to my computer and signed up for Weight Watchers online. Then, I texted a friend saying, “I need to change, I need to be eating healthy; I cannot do this alone will you help me”? I texted this particular person because I know she will encourage me and not let me quit, on me. She shared with me a passage of Scripture, God had given her this morning for my encouragement. I am not alone. I have a good friend to help me fight what will be a spiritual battle; Satan and his groupies have no desire for this daughter of the King… Princess to succeed.

In case you’re wondering about my lose 10 to 12 pounds stack of clothing… I’ve made a commitment to donate those clothes if I’m not able to wear them by Easter of this year.

The journey begins… time to figure out the Weight Watcher online plan. They say, “Anyone can do it.” We shall see.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

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