Reading “Hebrew” Style… sort of

Do you have a Bible reading plan for the year? This time of year, many of us make the commitment to read the Bible in a year. I have made the commitment to read my Bible, completely in one year, on several occasions; I’ve failed each time. 😦 The end of 2011, I began pondering my lack of success. One of the challenges is getting bogged down when I get to some of the less exciting chapters in the Old Testament. Because they’re not as exciting, I tend to get behind in my reading. Once I get behind in my reading, I can’t just start where I should be according to the Bible Reading Schedule, no! I must catch up before going forward. (It’s a personality quirk 🙂 ) Bottom line, I never get caught up. My sense of failure takes over, and I quit.

bible reading planLast year I had a light bulb moment. Why not start in the New Testament first, and then go to the Old Testament? I would probably read more of the Bible and might be able to stay on track. Decision made! In 2013 I would begin my reading for the year in the New Testament. January 1st arrived. I sat down… my Bible open…, a thought… a voice… Sandra, why not read the Bible, “Hebrew” style, a.k.a. right to left or backwards? Backwards… that’s crazy? Okay, I’ll give it a try.

And the journey of reading my Bible right to left began. No, I’m not literally starting at the last word and reading backwards. I went to Revelation, chapter 22, verse 1, and began reading to the end of that chapter. The next day I began in Revelation chapter 21, verse 1 and read all the way to the end, and so on throughout the year. My routine, typically, is to read in the mornings until God stops me at a particular verse or passage. I was excited. The thought, that God was directing my reading exhilarated me and brought new motivation to my mornings with Him. Reading my Bible right to left has given me a new perspective, new insights and a fresh love of God’s word.

2013 was a very busy year. Sadly, my mornings with Jesus got lost in the shuffle, along 12 Days of Christmaswith my personal Bible reading. It wasn’t that I wasn’t in the Word as I spent quite a lot of time in God’s word doing research for my book, “12 days of Christmas”. It was an exciting moment to have my first publication ready to share with family and friends in time for Christmas. Being in God’s word for research and writing is wonderful. I learned a lot, but it’s not the same as spending intimate time with Jesus, metaphorically, sitting at His feet. When I spend time in the morning reading God’s word, quietly before Him, He speaks to me. The Creator of the Universe uses His word to speak to my heart; to build and deepen our relationship. It’s in those moments we have dialogue, friend to friend. I miss those times when they do not happen. I need those times.

Last year I read from Revelation through Thessalonians. This year I will begin in Colossians and go forward, oops, I mean backwards. It feels good to be back on track having conversations with my Best Friend over coffee.

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

3 thoughts on “Reading “Hebrew” Style… sort of”

  1. Now I understand! Great idea! I started from the front last year and if I start from the back this year who knows where I’ll meet in the middle!


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