Resolutiona firm decision to do or not to do something.  Yes, it is the time of year when we begin thinking about, or chatting about, our resolutions for the coming year. I, like so many, stopped making resolutions.  No one likes to fail.  Every year I would make a resolution they were broken and tossed aside by the end of the month.  Why? mickey-mouse-happy-new-year-clip-art-1First I made unrealistic ones.  Changing one’s habits and personality traits does not happen overnight; simply because I deem it to happen in a resolution. Secondly, they were things for which I wasn’t all that passionate. Thirdly, I thought I was supposed to make a resolution. What would I talk about on New Year’s Eve? And people might think badly of me if I didn’t have a resolution for the year. Lastly, but most important, I left God out of the mix 😦 I now do things which I think are wiser and better suited to me, my personality and God’s plan’s for my life. I am an avid prayer-journaler .  One of the things I try to do at the end of each year, in preparation for the coming year, is reread my journal. I look to see where God has worked and give thanks.  I look to see where I made commitments or plans to change with God and didn’t follow through. These I take before God and ask the hard questions… Did I misread this?  Do I still need to work on this one?  Or is there a change in the process which would better afford me success? And of course I ask for forgiveness where necessary. A few years back I began asking God for a verse for the year. The verse he gives can cover many items like an area of growth. Or I might receive a verse which will bring comfort throughout the year as I face various trials. And sometimes, it is simply a verse which proclaims and confirms God’s love for me. No matter which area the verse may speak too, receiving these verses are some of my most precious moments with the Lord. Lastly I set a few goals.  Things I hope to accomplish throughout the year.  AccountabilitySetting-goals partners are always a great help in this area to help one succeed.

  1. Continue the organization/downsizing of my home.  I have gone 3 steps forward and 2 steps back in this area from last year… but that’s okay, I am still ahead of the game.
  2. It is time to change my eating habits to a healthier lifestyle.  Notice I did not say diet.
  3. Of course, I hope to complete my book and have it available for purchase in the fall. (A few of my readers received a preview copy; a mini book if you will this year. The feedback I have received thus far has all been very positive. I am extremely excited to see what God has planned in 2014).

Once I’ve finished rereading my journals, I will undoubtedly have a few more items to add to the list…. Will there be more to come, perhaps…. Happy New Year my friends – be safe and have a great evening of celebration.  Anyone desire to share what they hope to accomplish in 2014. I’m all ears 🙂 Sandra


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

Comments appreciated and welcomed

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