What to do? What to do?

I believed my next organization/downsizing room would have been the Tornado Room. I dubbed our spare bedroom the “Tornado Room” as this is the room where every item I could not decide on its final resting place has been placed over the past several months. Keep in mind, this room before I began the process of downsizing my home, was a room in chaos.  It now looks as if a tornado went through the room; hence the name.

A couple of years ago I suffered a back injury, which this month decided to rear its ugly head once again. Due to my relapse the reorganization/downsizing of my home is now placed on hold.  The inability to move without a great deal of physical pain tends to limit one’s movements. I don’t want to quit the process altogether. The question becomes what am I able to do? One of my Organization Projects is to organize and Scrapbook the tons of pictures stashed away in boxes. I will not Scrapbook all of those pictures as I have over 60 years of pictures piled in a variety of boxes, envelopes and outdated or useless photo albums.

What to do?  What to do? How do I organize years, and years, and years of pictures?  I could Pictures-1sort through them and place them in chronological order.  This would work if I had labeled or sorted my pictures by years; but, sadly I did not and my memory recall is poor to say the least.   I could sort by events, but not all of my pictures are event related; some are simply random shots.  What do I do with all those extended family photos received each year at Christmas?  What do I do with photos of friends and their families received over the years? I could sort by person or family such as my son and his family, daughter and her family, my hubby and I, etc.  Not the best solution either; what do I do with families of divorce and remarriage.  Which pictures will I include in a Scrapbook?  How will I file those pictures I do not place in Scrapbooks?  What do I do with the pictures of faces whose names I can no longer recall? What do I do with those photos which aren’t compositionally good? This last one is easy… throw those away!

questionThe number one question, perhaps, I need to answer is the why question. Why am I doing this?  Will it matter when I am no longer earth bound? Does it matter to me now; I mean really matter or is it one of those moments when I think I should do this because others may think badly of me if I don’t?  Will any of this matter to me in a few years? Will it matter to others? This is a lot of work if no one really cares about all these photos.

I have more questions than I have solutions or answers and I have no answers to the whys – until I do – let the sorting begin 🙂  Oh my, oh my goodness, “Where do I begin?”

Until next time,



Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

3 thoughts on “What to do? What to do?”

  1. Ah… the questions of the ages! I too HAD to struggle with the same photo dilemma when we moved here from Iowa where we lived in the same house for 35 years with the accumulation of three family tree branches (1st husband, present husband, and my family). It was the collection of the ages which included black and white albums of all of our grandparents, all my parent’s photos from when they moved into assisted living, and literally thousands of slides from all of the family tree branches (when slides were to way to take pictures). Fortunately no one got seriously into taking movies, so the few copies of those were not a storage problem. How I became the family historian is due to the sensibleness of other family members who would NOT take ownership of the photo collection. I spent hours scanning my husband’s ancient relatives’ photos (do you think anyone’s looked at my scans even tho I sent everyone CDs of them?). I tried my hand at ONE (never again!) scrapbooking experience of my parent’s life for my mom’s 100th birthday. That took waaaaay too many hours. All this to say, the questions you ask are good ones. Especially “who cares, or who will care?” I have no answers except to say it gets easier and easier and easier to throw out pieces of history without guilt — especially after I’ve continued to try and disperse them to the relatives with no luck. Good luck on your downsizing adventure and l’ll be anxious to hear some answers to your posed questions; (I still have plastic tubs of albums and cartons of framed photos yet to be dealt with:-) Wow, this got long — maybe I should start my own blog, (but “who cares and who would care?”) Questions of the ages!


    1. Linda, it is nice to know I am not alone in my dilemma. Ah yes, the guilt; a subject I didn’t even broach. At the very least I am finding it easier to throw out the blurred and fuzzy pictures and those with out much detail. But even those I seem to hem and haw over and wonder should I, or shouldn’t I. Why, I have no clue. As I shared in the blog who is going to care; or for that matter who is even going to know I threw out a picture or two. I wonder is there something inherently deep which causes such conflict? I promise to keep you posted 🙂


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