Keeping Track of Life

My notebook coverAn Organizing System Which Works

For years I fought scraps of paper, because I was taught scraps of paper were a sign of disorganization and chaos.  The truth is I am a scrap paper kind of gal.  Scraps of paper however are easy to lose and hard to organize – I developed a system which fits my working style and personality; I became a Post-it-note gal.

I am using the technology of Google Calendar and a paper calendar for scheduling events; appointments, tasks, etc., see previous blog:  The other half of my system is a 3 ring notebook designed to hold 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch paper. My notebook has the clear view plastic sleeve.  This type of cover allows for insertion of paper, family pictures, favorite things, wildlife photos, masculine papers and pics, etc… whatever you choose.  I like this size binder for its portability and it fits comfortably on my desk without taking up much space. Inside my notebook are colored Post-it-note tabs with subjects relating to my life (I can change subjects quickly). Behind each tab is pretty paper to hold my filed Post-it-notes.  (Plain paper works just as well :)).

My notebook tabs are prayer, brainstorms, blogging, book, projects, quotes, resources, inside notebookand whatever. I carry a post-it-note pad in my purse (prefer technology – you can download a post-it-note app for your I-Pad, tablet, or smartphone).  When I am away from home and someone asks me to pray for them, I write their need on the Post-it-note pad.  If I remember a task I need to do, I write it down on the Post-it-note pad; unexpected errand –a new to do… phone call to make, etc…. on the Post-it-note pad. Each evening I transfer my Post-it-notes into the notebook under the appropriate heading.  You will notice I do not have a task/errand/to-do tab in my notebook.  Those items would get placed into my Google calendar under tasks and scheduled for a specific date.


  1. While eating in a restaurant I strike up a conversation with the person who is serving my table.  In the course of the conversation they share a struggle; I offer to pray for the situation.  I write it down on my Post-it-note pad.
  2. While in this same restaurant an idea for a future blog pops into my head. I write it on my Post-it-note pad.
  3. While waiting in Doctor’s office I remember I need to schedule a dentist appointment. I write it down on my Post-it-note pad.
  4. While in this same Doctor’s office I come across a great quote in a magazine which I could use later in my writing.  I write the quote on my Post-it-note pad.

post it binderThat evening I get out my notebook and my Post-it-note pad with all my reminders. I begin the process of placing the memory joggers under their appropriate tab or putting them into calendar.

  • #1 is filed under the prayer tab (I simply remove the Post-it-note from my Post-it-note pad and stick it to the paper in my notebook under the proper tab).
  • #2 is filed under either the blog tab or the brainstorming tab; depends on how soon I might use the idea and how much research may be needed. (Again, I simply remove the Post-it-note from the pad and stick it under the proper tab).
  • #3 is a task, therefore, I open my Google calendar/app and I schedule this under tasks for the following day.
  • #4 gets filed under the quotes tab. (Again, by simply removing the Post-it-note from the pad and sticking it to the paper under the proper tab).
  • Return Post-it-note pad back to purse 🙂

When I receive an email request for prayer, or a great idea for a blog, or help on a research project, I simply print off the email… fold it in half, print-side out, hole punch the paper on the long edge and file it under the appropriate section.

When the notebook begins to bulge I spend a 1/2 hour and do some weeding.  Some items will get tossed permanently, while others will be filed in a file drawer for later reference.

My system works for me – I write once, or print once, and file it.  This system is fairly neat and tidy and easily accessible.  Perhaps it will work for you as well. Adapt to fit your style. Need more information, or have a question, please ask.  I will be happy to help you discover and design a system which will work with your personality and lifestyle.

Until next time,

“And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2Notebook matchin tabs

Note: The clear plastic view binders are fun to decorate and you can change the decoration theme with ease. If you use a 12×12 piece of Scrapbook paper you would have enough left over to make matching tabs.

App Alert: (There is a wonderful app for the I-Pad and smart phones which syncs well between electronic devices – called Calenmob)


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Life”

  1. You are amazing! Your system is sooooooo unlike my covered basket in the center of my kitchen island. Retrieving is called the “Dump and Sift” method. Oh how I envy you:-) That’s a cool scripture too; I never ever saw that one before!


    1. Linda you can do this. It really is pretty simple. There are other papers we need to deal with such as mail, bills, grocery receipts, coupons, etc. We will tackle that organization in a later blog. Thanks for your encouraging words.

      Hugs, Sandra


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