Aging Gray-ce-fully = Healthy Eating & maybe some Weight Loss

The-17-Day-DietLast night for a candy bar! Tomorrow begins the first leg of the 17 day diet plan. I chose this plan due to it’s high recommendation, by friends. The 17 day diet is not simply 17 days; wouldn’t it be nice? The 17 day diet is 3 phases of 17 days each, and then a maintenance plan. The first phase – accelerate; second phase – activate; third phase – achieve; the final lifetime phase – arrive.

The design of the accelerate phase, as I understand, will detox my body and launch me rather quickly into losing weight. The accelerate phase will provide encouragement and motivation as one could possibly lose 10-12 pounds in the first 17 days. I must keep in mind my goal is not all about weight, but to feel better, to have more energy and better health. I love carbs, I love sweets, and I love diet sodas; every one of these items eliminated for the next 17 days. Diet sodas should be eliminated for all time or at the very least a special treat. Oh my, I am already fudging. 🙂

Dr. Mike, I hope he won’t mind that I referred to him as Dr. Mike, states in his article, “if you don’t want to get sick (who does?) and desire to delay aging (who doesn’t ), stay in a good mood and feel wonderful, in general, then a healthy digestive system should be a priority. When our digestive system is in trouble, even the most nutritious diet won’t help”. “Signs of an aging digestive system include symptoms ranging from the rather benign, such as frequent constipation, two semi-serious diseases like Gerd, ulcers, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to the life-threatening, such as colorectal cancer”. Probiotics are needed for a healthy digestive system. Note to self….. add to shopping list.

Part of aging gracefully is having good health and feeling well. When we feel good, when we feel rested, when we feel healthy, when we have more energy, when our body is working to optimum efficiency the world’s simply a better place to live.

Let the 17 Day Diet Challenge begin 🙂

Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

5 thoughts on “Aging Gray-ce-fully = Healthy Eating & maybe some Weight Loss”

  1. I will be praying for you to have self control, good success and feeling better. Keep me posted on how you are doing. I have never heard of this diet plan before, eat healthy above all else. Love you Marian


    1. Thank you Marian, I can always use some extra prayers sent my way. I had not heard of this diet plan either until it was brought to my attention. It has been featured on the Doctors and Web MD also had an article on this system. It is a healthy plan long term. I will keep you posted. I have designated Wednesdays to be Aging Gracefully Wednesdays. For the next few Wednesdays as I traverse through the program I will be bringing you an update. One thing I didn’t mention is I am hoping that with every pound off will be one year off of my age 🙂 I will keep you posted.


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