Lord, Praying…. I need a System

Prayer, interesting subject, and one of the most misunderstood ones.  I have come to realize, way too late in life I suspect, that prayer is a powerful, powerful tool!  I believe  it to be the most powerful tool in a Christians “tool box”. I have to admit, I didn’t always understand that.  I also have to admit there is much I am still discovering.  My heart and my head tell me that if we could truly get it… if we could truly grasp what God has placed at our knees we could change the world.  Now, please don’t misunderstand me, it is God that is doing the changing, but from the beginning of time, God has set us up to partner with Him. When we do our part – He does His!

Prayer really is easy; really it is.  But, like all good things it is a discipline. Praying here and there is good, but to really grasp the concept, to really grab hold of everything that God has for us we need to have a foundation of prayer in our lives; a foundation that is well disciplined; much like breathing.  Not one of us can exist for long without breathing, and so it should be with our prayer life. Prayer is easy; really it is, but like breathing we have to do it every day, moment by moment to reap the best benefits.

As you can see I have a passion and a heart’s desire for prayer.  I don’t have all the answers and like many of you, I am still discovering all the nuances, the ins-and-outs of prayer.  Prayer has enriched my life beyond measure; and yet I still struggle with the day-to-day disciplines.  I love to read on the subject.  I love to explore new ways of praying.  I love to journal my prayers to God.  Some of my prayers are my love letters to Him and some are my letters home asking for help. I love to teach groups about prayer and I love to teach people one-on-one. I love to simply chat about prayer and what God is doing in people’s lives. That wasn’t always the case.  It wasn’t so very long ago I was afraid to pray out loud.  I thought prayer was what the more Spiritual people did.  I thought prayer was a Spiritual gift given to some, much like the gift of teaching or administration, and I was not one who received that gift. If prayer is so easy, why is it so hard? 2 simple words – the enemy; the last thing Satan wants is for us to pray so he throws everything he can at us to keep us from praying.

How did I go from fear of praying out loud to lead a prayer ministry? What changed?   My desire to have more of God in my life; my desire to allow God to use me to reach others; my desire to be all that God had for me to be; my desire to be closer to God, that is what changed.  I came to realize that prayer is foundational to all of those things. Prayer is not a Spiritual gift given to some. Prayer is a tool offered to all, and like all tools we just need to learn how to use them; that is what I love to teach others; that is what I am learning. My prayer motto – “practice makes perfect”.  It is only by doing that we get better at praying.

All this to say, I am looking for a new system for tracking my prayers and keeping those prayer needs of family and friends in an easy to use place.  It doesn’t matter the system, but if it doesn’t help you pray… it is basically worthless.  I have tried a few, but have not found one that keeps me on top of things.  Because of my heart for prayer, I often get people asking me to pray for them. Which I really want to do!  And sometimes, sadly, I must admit, the request gets lost in the shuffle.  I am looking for a good system, which is simple and effective.  If you have one or know of one, would you share that information with me? You can share it by posting a comment or shooting me an email. Share with me what works and what doesn’t for you!  Would greatly appreciate you taking the time to offer your input.

 Until next time,


Author: Sandra

I became a writer in my later years. I love blogging and sharing life with others. I speak to women's groups about the Christian life.

Comments appreciated and welcomed

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