I Have Simply Got to Know

Written a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy.

Reflections of a Purple Princess

If I was younger and had most of my life, still ahead of me. I might choose a slightly different career path; like becoming a Irish Settergenealogist, or archaeologist, or perhaps a psychologist. Human nature simply fascinates me. I never thought much about why we behave the way we do or why we react to certain situations in the way we do, until recent years. When evil things happen, such as poisoning a beautiful champion Irish Setter, simply because he is a national competitor in dog shows, leaves me dumbfounded. Why would anyone be so evil as to hurt an innocent animal?

My curiosity and fascination with human nature would blend well with my discovery mind. I love to solve puzzles of all kinds. Okay, maybe not math puzzles. I love to solve those which involve humans.  I love murder mysteries (no gore please). I love discovering links to family heritage…

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