Halloween… Yes…. No…. Maybe

Reflections of a Purple Princess

Happy Halloween! Children and adults will be celebrating tonight all over the globe. Many will celebrate with cute and adorable costumes, as they go door-to-door, threatening to trick you should you choose not to give them a treat; a.k.a. the familiar door greeting, “trick or treat”. Not all costumes, however, will be cute and adorable; some will be scary as “hell”. Today, I find myself wondering, what my response as a Christian, should be towards Halloween.

As a child Halloween was a fun night. I remember being a princess, a hobo, and a clown on several occasions. I loved being a clown. As a child, I tended to be on the serious side, more adult, realistic in my expectations of the world and those around me. The moment I put on those costumes life felt more fun. For me and my family, Halloween was simply a night to dress-up, walk…

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